Datawind Ubislate 7C+ with iScuela Educational Software

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Apple iPad Air 2 MH1J2HN/A

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Apple iPad Air 2 MGKL2HN/A

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ADCOM 740C Apad 3D Tablet

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iBall Slide WQ 77 Tablet

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Sansui ST71+

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HCL ME G1 Tablet

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Apple 32GB iPad Mini with Wi-Fi

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Vox V102DualSimCalling Tabletwith Android 4.4.2 Ki

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iBall Slide O900-C Tablet

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Apple iPad Mini 3 MGYU2HN/A

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Vox V102 Tablet

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Amtrak A712L

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Apple iPad Air 2 MH182HN/A

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Apple MH182HN/A

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Classpad EduTablet for Grade 5

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Apple iPad Air 2 MH1G2HN/A

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Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101 (32 GB)

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Apple MD794HN/B

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BSNL Penta WS708C

Rs.7999 Rs.5399

Classpad EduTablet for Grade 6

Rs.12000 Rs.5499

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